Carnivorous Sex Creatures Invade Seattle


July 19th, 2016

CONTACT: Dan S ( (+1 612 870 3483)

Timothy Vernor (


Rock And Roll Ray and His Bizarre Monsters Premiere in VORE KING at STIFF

WHAT: Pacific Northwest premiere of feature documentary VORE KING @ Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival (WWW.VOREKING.COM) (WWW.TRUEINDEPENDENT.ORG)

WHEN: SAT JULY 30th @ 9:00 P.M.

WHERE: FACTORY LUXE, 3100 Airport Way South, Seattle WA 98134


After a long hiatus from public life spent building the world’s largest people eating sex monster (among other things), underground film legend (Go To Hell, This Is Bigfoot, Mark of the Astro-Zombies, Seeking Wellness) and lauded raconteur Raymond P. Whalen (a.k.a. Rock And Roll Ray) will return as the subject of a new feature documentary entitled VORE KING at Seattle Transmedia And Independent Film Festival on Saturday, July 30th at 9:00 P.M.

VORE KING is a detailed portrait of R.P. Whalen, world famous horror host, trash movie guru, carnival sideshow barker, and America’s premier purveyor of vorarephilia fetish film. Vorarephilia, popularly known as “vore,” is an eating fetish where arousal is brought about by the act of one creature consuming another creature, most commonly manifested by monsters eating women. This documentary follows Whalen’s process of conceiving and constructing an array of vore creatures while he rekindles a bond with his elderly father and battles the demons of suburban Milwaukee. VORE KING features interactions with R.P. Whalen’s actresses (affectionately known as “La Vore Girls”) and family, as well as a rare glimpse into the production of vore film and the mind of a magical (and volatile) super genius

Said VORE KING director Dan S, “Ray had to leave the limelight several years ago under pretty unfortunate circumstances so I’m overjoyed that I have the privilege of bringing him back to the fore with this triumphant celebration of his life and work.”

Dan S is a writer/director/producer currently residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dan is primarily known for his experimental narrative work (SEEKING WELLNESS, INVINCIBLE FORCE) but has recently delved into the documentary form (NED ABDUL NEEDS MORE RETAIL SPACE, OLD MAN). He has been the recipient of The McKnight Fellowship for Filmmaking (2010/2016) and the 2015 Creative Capital Award for Moving Image in support of VORE KING.

VORE KING will be playing with local film CLOSING TIME directed by Brion Rockwell.

Press screeners, interviews and high-resolution images are available upon request. ***

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