"very peculiar"

The following is an excerpt from article entitled 25 Must-see Movies at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival written by Colin Covert of The Star Tribune.

"One of the weirdest Minnesota-made films since the Coens fired up the wood chipper in “Fargo.” And this one is real! Well, real-ish. Raymond P. Whalen is a Midwest legend of sorts, a small-time video auteur specializing in fetish films of imaginary woman-eating sex beasts sold online. There’s a market for everything, right? The film is a portrait of the artist as an odd man, swinging across a bipolar route of intelligence and savant genius. If you have never explored vorarephilia, the form of excitement brought about by monstrous creatures consuming ladies, this is very educational. Did I mention that it’s very peculiar?"

Read the full article by clicking HERE.

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