The following is an excerpt from an article entitled Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival Has Tons of Great Choices written by Chris Hewitt for The Twin Cities Pioneer Press.

VORE KING — Existing in an unsettling place between documentary and mock-documentary, “Vore King” is a portrait of the intense R. P. Whalen, a cult filmmaker, gross-out vaudeville host (as “Rock and Roll Ray”), provocateur (he appeared in a previous mock-doc about snuff films), public-access TV star and possible pseudo-cannibal. Minneapolis director Dan Schneidkraut expertly juggles the mondo weirdo material, keeping us guessing the whole way as Whalen has sex, kills his director in effigy, “consumes” corpses and — most creepily — hangs out with his very straight-seeming family. I’d opt for the later show time. The closer to midnight you watch “Vore King,” I suspect, the more it’ll make sense."

Read the full article by clicking HERE.

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